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You could say these projects started back in high school, even before I learned to drive. I've always enjoyed outdoor activities and it's natural that I'd want a vehicle that supported that lifestyle. Towards that end, my first vehicle was a 1947 Willys Overland Wagon.

Griff's First Car
1947 Willys Overland Wagon

I spent more time fixing it and keeping it running than I did actually driving it. The starter never worked right so a hill, friends, or determination was necessary for starting it. It had an annoying habit of shooting flame out of the carburetor. If it wasn't doing that, it was backfiring and spitting the muffler, which was wired in place, out from underneath. Overall, it was fun and the education was worth every penny I spent on it.

Parents take note: An older, nonfunctioning but repairable vehicle goes a long ways towards postponing the joys of having a teenager driving around town.

I eventually traded the Willys wagon for a 1949 International Metro step van, which served me through my senior year of high school and on into college.

Griff's Second Vehicle
1949 International Harvester Metro
(Photo courtesy of R.R. Anderson, Holistic Forge Works)

The one I had was originally an Air Force flight line vehicle, with the aerodrome sticker still in the lower left corner of the windshield. A previous owner had insulated it and put a propane heater in the back so I was nearer to my goal of a vehicle I could use as a camper.

... more to come later, when I have some time to work on this ...

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