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Griff's Custom Classic Motorhome Projects started as an effort to take a vintage motorhome, with "three wheels in the junkyard," and restore it to full operational condition. At the same time, I wanted to customize it to suit my needs and to make it unique.

Project Start
My Little Project

The starting point for this effort was the 1970 Explorer Class A motorhome shown above. A 1972 Executive Class A motorhome, shown below, was given to me by Robby Lockeby, expanding the "project" into projects. With two of them, I couldn't just say, "my motorhome," without causing confusion so I named the new one, "Junior." Having named the second one, I had to name the first one. Because I had called it that before, I named the original motorhome, "My Little Project," or, for short, "MLP."


The main purpose of this web site is to help me organize and manage these projects. Sure, I could use a notebook or files on my computer to store this information. However, a significant portion of the research for these projects has been via the Internet and I find it convenient to maintain my notes in the form of a web site. You, in turn, have an opportunity to "look over my shoulder" while I work on these projects.

If you find anything on this web site useful, I urge you to write it down immediately as I reserve the right to add, subtract, rearrange, or otherwise modify anything or everything to suit myself, without notice to anybody.

A significant number of people have helped me with these projects, especially at the Mopar Truck World and Wild Mopar Truck Country forums. This web site serves the additional purpose of repaying the favor by attempting to help people who are considering or are working on similar projects.

NOTE: A special thanks to Jes, aka TruckQueenRed or TQR, for providing a Wild Mopar Motorhomes section just for characters like me. (... and you "normal" people.)

Questions are welcome but I reserve the right to answer or ignore them at my discretion, especially if I find answering them is taking time away from this project. Likewise, comments and suggestions are welcome, especially those that include the rationale behind them. Flames and rude comments will be ignored and threats will be turned over to the authorities and/or a lawyer.

NOTE: Until I can insert email links that don't result in large quantities of junk mail, please use Mopar Truck World and Wild Mopar Truck Country to contact me. "Griff in Fairbanks" is my username on both forums and a personal message usually brings a quick response.

The viewer (that's you) is expected to use common sense, reasonable caution, and due diligence before acting on any information contained herein. I urge you to research everything and get second (third, fourth, ad nauseam) opinions before using anything I've written. (RV.NET is a good place to start.) In any case, I will not be held responsible for your actions or lack thereof.

Now, for those of you I haven't scared off ... my primary goal for these projects is a motorhome that:

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